Top 3 Medical products to buy in 2021 to fight Corona Virus

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Today, the whole world is fighting the war against the Corona Virus. It has made us realize that the medical sector should be given the utmost importance as nothing is more precious than one's life. Most of the companies are finding ways and making many innovative products to fight against the Covid-19. Most of these products have been developed under 'Made In India banner'. These products are made under the country slogan - "Atma-Nirbhar Bharat". All of these products are created with the sole aim of taking precautions against the disease and disinfecting the surroundings. Following are the top 4 products you can buy to protect yourself
Nasaka Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Sanisafe
    1. Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser - Nasaka, a Microtek brand, has found a unique way to fight against this virus. They have created a non-contact touch-free, Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. It comes with an 8-liter capacity and a 1-year replacement guarantee. It has in-built sensors that detect the movement of the hand and then drops 2-3 ml of sanitizer/hand rub. It is made and developed in India and comes with a 1-year replacement guarantee. This product can be used in offices, societies, party halls, grocery stores, factories, and many other places. We can fill it with either alcohol hand rub or hand sanitizer.
    2.  Disinfection Fog Machine - This revolutionary machine has been creating storms in the market place. It is based on the concept of a vaporizer machine i.e. creating a fog of disinfectant for killing virus in big surroundings in least amount of time. It is appropriate for disinfecting offices, home, factories and car. Presently it disregarded as the best portable disinfectant machine in the market. We have to insert a small 200 ml bottle in the required space and fill it with glycerin, disinfectant and water. Once the machine starts, it creates a smoke of disinfectant.Microtek Infrared Thermometer
    3. Infrared Thermometer - The biggest precaution one can take is to be distant from each other. We need to measure the temperature of body of a person without being in contact with a person and maintaining a distance of at least 10 cm. . In order to achieve this, infrared thermometer was made. Presently, Microtek is the only company creating the best infrared thermometer in India, with best quality parts and 6 months replacement guarantee. It can store up to 32 readings and takes low power than other brand of thermometers. It has three ways of measuring - surface, body and room temperature.

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