Inverter Battery 135 AH

Luminous Inverter Battery 135 Ah

Luminous Inverter Battery 135 Ah has been a revolutionary in the power backup industry. Luminous have proved each time, again and again, that who is the best Inverter Battery manufacturer and seller. Luminous use America's most advanced battery technology and create the most efficient and sale at cheapest price . Earlier their most successful models like IL 16039 and RC 16000 took over the market share of the 135 Ah inverter battery segment. Their 135 ah battery has proved to be the most worthy contender among all other brands. Providing a backup of more than 2 hours on full load, this inverter battery series boasts of longer life with better backup than most brands. Luminous uses the best-in-class raw materials like high-quality lead plates, the highest grade of plastic for long life and protection from wear and tear. The luminous inverter battery 135 ah packaging has been designed for rough handling in many cases. The water level indicators provided with the package are of the best quality and provide the most accurate description of the water required for battery service . Buy Luminous Inverter Battery 135 AH at the lowest Price online in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. Free home delivery. Free maintenance Service for One Year. Fast Installation. payment mode available Cash On Delivery. Best Dealer in India