Inverter Battery

Inverter battery is also known as UPS battery. It is a lead acid rechargeable battery used with home Inverter & UPS. The main component of a inverter battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better performance and quality. Lead acid inverter battery usually require water top-up once in 3-6 month. The power factor is usually measured in Ampere Hour(Ah). Following factors are to be considered before buying any inverter battery.

  1. How much backup time do you need. It depends on Ah of  battery . More Ah means more backup time. Eg. - A battery of 150 ah provides a backup time of 3 - 4 full load.

  2. Depending on the internal structure , you have a choice between Flat Plate inverter Battery and Tubular inverter Battery. Most people don't know that a Tubular inverter battery has a better lifespan while a Flat Plate inverter battery provides better backup .

  3. Warranty of inverter battery is a crucial factor. Remember to read the warranty details carefully as there are two terms related to it - Replacement Guarantee and Pro-rata Warranty. Battery with 36 months(18+18 months) means that the first 18 months are for free replacement and the rest 18 months are for providing a new battery with discounted price .