Best VRLA SMF Batteries in India 2023

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What is a SMF battery ? Why are smf batteries considered the best alternative against lead-acid ?

In South Asian third-world countries like India, South Africa, and Thailand, the weather is usually extreme, due to which there are frequent power cuts. These power cuts put a toll on the performance of lead-acid batteries and inverters used for backups, creating problems like poisonous fumes, leakage, and bulging of battery. Due to these conditions, there is a need for batteries with better technology that can provide better performance at lower costs. As a result, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) SMF batteries come into play. SMF or Sealed Maintenance Free batteries are created for these kinds of extreme conditions. The main USP of this type of battery is it's low-maintenance. Usually, lead-acid batteries need a lot of water for performance due to regular usage and the recharge-discharge cycle. The SMF batteries need no water top-up or any kind of service. These batteries are sealed so there is no leakage issue and no case of poisonous fumes. SMF batteries are used in numerous applications that have low space and require spillage and leakage-proof batteries. Today, the technology is evolving at an exponential rate, which has led to many variations in these batteries like GEL-based batteries, Li-ion batteries, and customized batteries for machinery like forklifts.


  • Online UPS, Inverter
  • Dental and surgical Chairs
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic wheelchairs
  • RC Driving cars for children, toys
  • Fire safety alarms and panels
  • Emergency rescue devices in lifts
  • Commercial Weighting machines
  • Traffic Lights
  • Telecom equipment
  • Golf carts and forklifts
  • Railway Signals

Online UPS or as famously refered to as un-interrupted power supply, as the name suggests, is used to provide backup to the most critical applications that are installed in places like stock markets, manufacturing facilities, and call centres where even a millisecond of a power cut is not affordable. Online UPS requires instant power source that can provide energy even at lowest charging powers and can be charged at fast rates. Hence, SMF batteries come into play.

SMF batteries are one of the most versatile batteries that are usually used to provide an instant power source. These batteries can be used in products that have critical applications like Dental and surgical chairs where even a second of power cut can hamper a person’s life. SMF batteries are known to have a longer shelf life and can be charged easily with even a deep discharge state. They are the most eco-friendly batteries that can be safely installed without spilling or producing any kind of gas. Due to these favourable qualities, this power source is the preferred choice for these kinds of critical applications. 


Top 3 VRLA SMF battery Brands in India 2023

  1. Amaron Quanta SMF Battery

Amar Raja Batteries Limited or Amaron Batteries, in short, have made its name in power backup solutions in less time than any other brand. Known for its aggressive marketing strategies and its world-class quality products, Amaron Quanta has already captured most of the market share in VRLA SMF batteries. Their flexible policies and after-sale services make them a class apart in this segment

  1. Exide SMF Battery

Exide, the oldest battery manufacturer in India, has been working in the battery segment for more than 60 years. One of the first battery manufacturers in India, this brand has been the pioneer of innovation in the power backup segment. Known for its varied battery segments like traction battery, inverter battery, submarine battery and SMF battery, this company has done it all.

  1. Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd

Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd. Has been working and growing in battery technology since 1987. The company has been creating a storm in the SMF battery segment with its good distribution network and low prices. The company has been going strong in the lead-acid battery segment and has started doing extensive R&D in the EV battery Industry and creating EV vehicle chargers. 

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