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In today's work environment, all are busy in their life, working 24X7, often neglecting the care of many things. It is usual that customer complaints that their inverter battery didn't work as much as they expected. Most of the time, sellers do not inform the customer about the various maintenance requirement of the product. So, even after buying expensive inverter battery, the end up spending more amount, as their battery dies early. The average expected life for each battery, after proper maintenance and care, turns out to be more than 5 years. To reduce spending on the product, the following are the 8 tips you can follow to maintain your inverter battery so that it runs for long.

  1. Never cover your battery on all sides - When the battery is in a charging position, it tends to heat up due to the boiling of water present inside it. To cool it down, it needs space to release heat. At least, one side, preferably back, should be opened to release the excess heat, so that it can work smoothly.
  2. Always use a battery trolly for storage - When the battery is in charging mode, the water and acid mixture in battery tends to come out a little, which might destroy the surroundings. It is advisable to use a trolly for easy storage and transportation of batteries. The trolley should be of plastic as it is a non-reactive material.
  3. Use distilled battery water 4 times a year - The biggest problem that a customer can neglect is the filling of battery with distilled water. Distilled water can be available easily from any petrol pump. or from the nearest battery dealer. Always remember to fill the battery with sufficient water so it can run smoothly. Each battery comes with 6 water indicators which shows when to fill the water.
  4. Always clean the battery terminal to remove carbon - When the battery is working, a layer of carbon attaches to its terminals and creates problems in working and sometimes even short-circuits. It is suggested to clean the terminal with hot water to remove all carbon.
  5. Apply petroleum jelly on battery terminal - After cleaning the battery terminal, it is advisable to apply petroleum jelly to the battery terminal to increase the life of the battery. Petroleum jelly can be available with the nearest inverter battery dealer.
  6. Never tilt the battery - Since the battery is filled with distilled water, if it is tilted, the water starts leaking from the cell lid or heat seal, and it destroys all metal and stone surfaces. 
  7. Wear insulated clothes while connecting inverter battery - When you are connecting inverter battery, always keep in mind to wear properly insulated clothes with latex gloves to avoid any shocks or short-circuit. During connection, there is a chance of sparking, so you need to wear gloves to avoid that.
  8. Use the battery power once every month - Most people complain about battery backup problem even though there are a few or no power cuts. This problem is caused due to under-utilization of the battery. Due to this the battery gets deep-discharged. It is important to consume the power of the battery once in a month by shutting down the mains MCB for half to one hour.

By following the above tips you can ensure your battery's increased life reduces your mental tension multiple times. For buying best and cheapest inverter battery, solar panels, onile ups and smf battery, buy from batteyestore.com

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  • it would help if you closed the lid tightly at all times. Whether you are using water indicators or normal caps, all of them have small holes as outlets for reducing air pressure so that the battery does not bulge or expands.

    SAMRAT on
  • Should the lid be open slightly or closed tightly when charging

    Lalpeka on

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