Luminous Inverter I Cruze 13000 Home UPS

Luminous Inverter I Cruze 13000 Home UPS

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Luminous Inverter I Cruze 13000 Home UPS Description

The luminous I Cruze inverter series is one of the smartest and most efficient working inverter series in the market presently. It can easily operate and run high-capacity loads like refrigerators, air conditioners, geysers, photocopiers etc. It has an informative LCD display that provides real-time updates on battery charging, and load cut-off. It is the best choice for office and commercial usage.

Luminous Inverter I Cruze 13000 Home UPS Specifications

  • Sine Wave Inverter technology

  • Inverter Rating: 12500 VA / 180V

  • Bulb load: 10000W

  • 2 Years warranty

  • Compact design with improved efficiency and load handling

  • User-friendly LCD display and control buttons

  •  Smart Inverter with an option of GSM/Wi-Fi connectivity and Android/iOS app

  •  An intelligent battery charging algorithm optimizes the charging current according to the battery capacity

  •  Easily by-pass the device in case of device fault and allow mains to be available without any wiring changes

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