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ZeroB Water Softener AS6 Automatic 6000 LPH Description

ZeroB has created AS series of automatic water softeners for customers who are facing the problem of hard water. The AS6 is an automatic water softener that converts hard water into soft water like morning dew. It needs salt for the recharge only once, that is done automatically. It is a water softener for homes that increases the lifespan of expensive bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Moreover, the use of Auto Soft 6 reduces plumbing problems with scale deposition on bathroom fittings. 

ZeroB Water Softener AS6 Automatic 6000 LPH Specification

  • Brand Make : ZeroB

  • Company : Ion Exchange India LTD

  • Model: AS6 Automatic Water softener 6000 LPH

  • Water flow : 6000 liters per 1.5 hour

  • Dimensions of water Softener : 4x5 ft.

  • Maximum Input hardness allowed : 800 ppm

  • Treated water hardness: <50 ppm

  • Salt capacity : 200 kg

  • Regeneration pump : Self-priming pump (with inbuilt NRV)

  • Purple resin quantity : 90 liters

  • Salt required per recharge : 14 kg

  • The area occupied: 4x5 ft.


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