ZeroB Water Softener AS2 2000LPH

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ZeroB Water Softener 2000LPH AS2 Description

ZeroB has created a revolutionary water softener to solve the hard water problems for homes and factories. Usually hard water causes many problems like early greying of hair, pigmentation on taps and utensils, stains on skin. Sometimes, long term use also causes skin cancer and other diseases. IN order to avoid this, ZeroB has created AS series of automatic water softener for converting hard water into soft water. The AS2 is a water softener that has a capacity of 2000 liters per hour of conversion. 

ZeroB Water Softener 2000LPH AS2 Specifications

  • Brand Make : ZeroB

  • Company : Ion Exchange India LTD

  • Model : AS2 Automatic water softener 2000 LPH

  • Water Flow : 2000 Liters per hour

  • Dimensions of the water softener (LxWxH):330*470*1100 mm

  • Maximum Input hardness allowed : 800 ppm

  • Treated hardness : <50 ppm

  • Salt tank capacity : 40 kg

  • Purple resin quantity : 25 liters 

  • Salt per recharge required : 4 Kg

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