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Luminous inverter Eco Watt XL1650 Rapid 12v Battery EStore

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Sometimes the load reqirement of a customer is of double battery inverter but due to high cost, the customer has to adjust with a single battery inverter. In order to solve this problem, Luminous has introduced Eco watt XL1650 rapid inverter of 12v that provides output of 1500va with 1 battery only. Now the customer can easily buy inverter according to his needs.

  •  Square Wave 
  •  24 Months Warranty
  •  Charges battery with full current even at 95 Volt
  •  In-Built Battery Gravity Builder 
  •  3 Modes Battery Charger
  •  Powerful Charger


    Application area

    Small Homes - upto 4 BHK, Small Shops

    VA Rating



    Square wave

    No. of batteries supported (12V)


    Max Charging Current (in Amperes)


    Net weight (kg.)


    Running appliances

    Fans, Laptops, LED TV, Lights, Mixer Grinder, Personal Computers, Refrigerator

    Supported battery types

    Flat, Tubular, VRLA (SMF)


    Deep Discharge, Overload, Shortcircuit

    Other features

    In-built battery Gravity Meter


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